oneilBridgeTM  Overview  

In the complex world of records management, the ability to seamlessly manage both onsite and off-site records has become essential.  Commercial record centers recognized this and introduced web-portals, allowing their clients access to view, update and even order services online.  This was a great improvement on the traditional phone, fax or email solutions, but it still required retraining of clients staff on how to access the web-portal.  If only the off-site records and services could be accessed directly from their file-room software.

oneilBridgeTM leverages the power of Web Services specifically designed for the integration of file room software products and commercial record centers utlizing O'Neil Software's RS-SQL(R) . With oneilBridgeTM, the seamless ability to merge these two disparate worlds now exists.  All of the functionality expected in the web-portal of a commercial record center can now be included in your software offering, with the ability to add additional business rules, creating a unique value-add proposition to your clients.

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