Metafour oneilBridgeTM Certified Partner

Metafour design, develop and deploy system applications for operators in Travel (Agents, Tours, Excursions) and Logistics (Courier, Distribution, Shipments). Our solutions are the result of over 30 years of methodical re-investment. Metafour is a director owned, financially robust organisation with a presence in both the UK and Asia. Metafour provide software, hosting, support, development, and systematic upgrades.

We understand our clients' businesses and markets. We understand technology. We understand Software as a Service. We know how to apply technology to our clients' businesses. We understand our own business.

Our expertise is in applying this hard-earned knowledge to your business. Our business is to make sure that you will have the advantage over your competitors. With our systems and help, you can adapt to your market more quickly and less expensively than your competitors, and you can focus on your business rather than technology.


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