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Knowledgeone Corp is a software development company, established in 1984. We focus on providing scalable, robust information management solutions for applications such as Records Management, Electronic Document Management, Imaging and Workflow.

With the RecFind 6 Suite we have created a new genre of product, a generic, multi-lingual application system able to run multiple applications simultaneously. A single software solution that can easily handle multiple application requirements. RecFind 6 also makes it easy for the customer to change the Data Model or Business Processes and modify existing RecFind 6 applications or create new RecFind 6 applications, e.g., Mortgage Application Processing, Securities Management, etc. Every copy of RecFind 6 includes the high level tools needed to modify and create application solutions.

In summary, our software and services have been designed to satisfy the needs of the following application areas: Knowledge Management (KMS), Records Management (RMS), Document Management (DMS), Electronic Records and Document Management (EDRMS), Content Management (CMS), Email Management, Email Archiving, Business Process Management (BPM), Document Imaging, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Management, Medical Records Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and almost any information management application.