The Cloud Overview

The Cloud has been an area of development for O’Neil DataTech during the past year and is an internet-based service framework to allow for enhanced services to be developed. 

One example of this would be for easier integration and collaboration of 3rd party products for the purpose of enhancing overall record management activities.   What that means is that we can begin to leverage the oneilCloud so that products, such as Active File Management software, can link seamlessly to O'Neil Software's RS-SQL® software.ONeil Connector

This was developed first because many O’Neil partners have asked us to help with integrations to their clients’ software packages. In some cases, these software packages have developed file sharing workarounds that are difficult to manage and maintain. The oneilCloud creates a seamless, end user oriented, internet-based framework to allow us to do that.

This first oneilCloud service has been named oneilBridge™.

User Access